Saturday, February 4, 2012

All Self explanitory :o)

Mango peeking through the curtain at me, above my bed. She was just waiting for something to move to attack it lol

This is a series of little pages i put together for a digital photo frame i bought for my in-laws for Christmas :o)

This is one of my fav pages ever!

Our new kitty

These next 2 are from a school excursion to Canberra. This one was at Questacon.

This is one of my favourite mages ever as well!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jason & his cousin, Lilly.

Daniels cute little teeth
When DJ was running around with just pants on, he looked sooooo much like Mick Jagger! Swaying around all over the place.

Interaction is selective.

A dinosaur sensory park

Yes...he is!

Speaks for itself

My sisters very cute cat, Murphy.

Alix was in a car accident :o/

Friday night - boys night in

Daniel, learning how to brush his teeth. He's so clever!

Awesome tour of Beechworth Prison - Victoria

And some more...

Because it's good!!

My little man :o)

Hard days work

Alix's birthday :o)

Monday, July 25, 2011

These are a double page spread i made of Daniel when he turned 1. I had taken pics of him on the 13th of every month. I shrunk them in Paint to get them to a size where it would fit on here [but it distorted a bit]. He didn't want to lie still for the last one, But it adds to the overall cuteness ;o)

When DJ sleeps in the back seat, he looks so cute!
My big guy :o)

Daniels fav song. He always stops whatever he's doing when he hears this. I changed it a bit. I like my version better :o)

Out of the mouths of babes. Just can't argue with logic!

The progressive haircut. Take a quick chunk here and a quick chunk there. All before he sees the shiny, pretty scissors in my hand!

The things we take for granted...

Coffee with a friend [and her camera hog]

Speaks for itself :o)

This does too [I really love how this page turned out, with Buzz being illuminated like that]

Bowling with the gals on a Saturday night!

Everyones bath is Daniels bath.

Jason the trendsetter!

I dont want to be skinny. Just comfortably meaty. But i LOVE fine food - taste - texture - combinations. And i LOVE a good drop of alcohol to go with it!. So the battle to be a healthy weight is an ongoing effort. I have REALLY dropped the ball over the years but i'm clawing my way back. [It doesnt help that John likes big boobs and would rather i was chunky to get them rather than me being smaller and having implants lol] I hate exercise. Walking [blah] Aerobics classes [gag] Weights [Pulease!] So what do i do? I dance. I love to dance.
I decided to scrap my journey with that.

This is the cover i made....

I found this garage thing at our local tip recycle shop for $1. I bought it home, cleaned it up, and the battery thing is undamaged so all the buttons work. Yaaaay.

DJ at a friends birthday party

I love this page. 2 of my favourite guys! John isn't related to DJ at all, but he loves him like he's his own son. And vice versa. It's so sweet!